5 Positive Reactions for When Your Job is Downsized

Little can be more troubling than receiving a pink slip. Yet, from time to time in most people’s lives, most any job has the possibility of becoming a casualty in rolling economic cycles. Sometimes, some quick positive reactions can make a big difference in how you see yourself and the quality of your next steps forward:

  1. Start with gratitude: This may seem like one of the last reactions you want to have. Remember, dGoosePathuring times of downsizing, no one around you wanted this. Shake hands, thank people for the opportunity, and leave on good terms. Reach out to the people you love, and be grateful to and for them! It’s just a mindset, but it’s a great investment for your new search. Some benefits of gratitude.
  2. Take a walk: I know it feels like you just did that, but really, start going on walks. If your doctor says your healthy, 4,000 steps (about 2 miles, for about an hour) each day will lift your mood, help you drop a few pounds, and give you a clear head. Pair this decision with lots of water, good for you food, and a good sleep schedule.
  3. Build a “triage” budget: A triage budget is a trimmed down temporary budget that allows you to focus on paying by priority: 1) housing, 2) transportation, 3) essential living expenses 4) essential debt. This is usually a budget that can’t necessarily be sustained for more than 3-4 months. But is helps to shock your system into a planned conservation of spending, which can keep you from taking on affordable credit card debt. Use this downloadable sheet to help you navigate financial change. 
  4. Apply for unemployment benefits: Visit online or in person. Expect slow service and long waits on the phone! (When we experienced a job loss in our house, we found it easier to go in person the first time and wait.) You may qualify for other benefits and services to help bridge the gap. Call 211 for options!
  5. Search for your next job: Brainstorm all of your options by getting an idea of what kinds of jobs are out there. You may decide to get a new full time job, take a few freelance jobs, work for yourself, or something else! A few job sites to give you some ideas:
    1. A job search engine site: thejobist.com
    2. A menu of remote working options apps

These five steps are just a place to start when you may not know what to do. They place you in a positive mindset, bring health to your body, protect you from worsening finances, while helping you to lift your eyes to your next change.

As always, you can contact our agency to help you build your triage budget, review your debt, and even help you with a mortgage modification application if your house payment falls behind.

These are a few of our ideas. Please tell us yours!

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