Online Counseling

Short on time?

CCCS is proud to offer counseling service at your convenience. Our online counseling service includes calculators and instructions to allow you to adjust your spending plan on our website. When you use our online counseling service, we pair you with a certified Consumer Credit Counselor that will communicate with you through e-mail, telephone or mail.

CCCS will fit your schedule to empower you to have a successful financial future.

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 Statement of Counseling Service

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 Here is what you will need for your counseling session:

  • Have your most recent creditor statements
  • Know your monthly gross and net income (take home pay). You can find this on your paystub.
  • Have a good estimate of your living expenses.

OPTIONAL: If you have a recent copy of your credit report, you may want to bring it. We can also pull a merged credit report and review it with you for $25.00. You may also obtain a free copy of your credit report from each of the 3 credit report bureaus once per year by visiting