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Since 1967, CCCS of Central Oklahoma has been a trusted resource for many national and local media outlets. When they need unbiased experts to weigh in on the critical financial issues affecting Oklahomans, they call CCCS of Central Oklahoma. Our experts have been featured on every television news station in Oklahoma City as well as in publications such as the Oklahoman, Tulsa World and Oklahoma Gazette. Nationally we have been featured in everything from AARP Magazine to USA Today and in numerous online publications such as MSN Money, CNN Money and Bloomberg. Check out our links and videos for past interviews.

County Employees’ Personal Information Compromised – How to Respond’s Sarah Stuart interviewed Cristy Cash, Director of Counseling and Senior Certified Consumer Credit Counselor at following the accidental release of the Oklahoma County Employees’ information by the county. For several hours, all county employee personal information including social security number and date of birth were posted on the Oklahoma County website.  Watch the

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How to Respond When Sued by a Lender’s Cristy Cash was interviewed for an article reporting the steps to take when a consumer is sued by a lender. The article was published in the national media on both and The links to the story are listed below: Fox Business: Sees Decline in Bankruptcy Filings as a Sign of Hope

Cristy Cash was interviewed by the Oklahoman regarding the decrease in Bankruptcy filings in Western Oklahoma. Bankruptcy filings are down 10% from a year ago. Cash says that with the growing Oklahoma City economy and the decrease in joblessness that people are exploring other options to repay credit card debt. Click here for the full

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Bank of America Holds Mortgage Advisory Event – CCCS Counselors On Hand to Help

Bank of America held an event in Oklahoma City to help their clients who are delinquent on their mortgages. Two of our counselors: Chris Poole and Tressa Brooker were on hand to help advise clients dealing with their delinquent mortgage. Tressa Brooker was interviewed by

Money Monday: Student Loan Debt – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports | Americans now owe over a trillion dollars in student loan debt Payback Options Call your lender Make payments on time Ask about repayment options Punishment for not paying Garnish Wages Suspend Professional Licenses Tax Returns Social Security Benefits  

Money Monday: Check Your Auto Coverage – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports | Watch out for insurance scams. Check your Auto Insurance Coverage: Comprehensive Beware of “Pop-Up” Repair shop- Go Local Know your Homeowner Coverage- you may have a 1% added deductable Beware of Door-to-Door Repairs -Don’t sign anything that limits your right to use your

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