How to See if You Qualify to Receive a Storm Shelter

FamilySAFE-Moore-EF5In the aftermath of the devastating storms that swept across Oklahoma in May and June of 2013, Oklahomans began to demand easier access to storm shelters. We had grown tired of losing innocent lives to tornadoes and floods. Oklahomans everywhere began making requests that we find a way to put a storm shelter in every home and in every school.

As rebuilding and recovery moved forward, programs began to emerge which would make it possible for Oklahomans to qualify to receive free storm shelters.

While can’t help you qualify for programs, the good news is there are still several active storm shelter programs in Oklahoma.

Our hope is that in the coming years, no Oklahoman would go through another storm season without access to a storm shelter!

It is important to remember that information may change with no warning. The best way to find out if you may qualify for a storm shelter is to dial 2-1-1 and speak to a representative who can help you connect to the most up-to-date resources available to you.

If you currently have an active ODRP case from the 2013 storms, contact your Case Manager to see if you may qualify.




    • Wonderful! The best advice I can give is for you to contact 211 to see what programs are available in the area you live. There are several active programs from grants, to low interest loans. If you can’t find a program to receive a free storm shelter, I suggest checking with a credit union to see if a low interest loan may be helpful.

  1. I’m a renter in Broken Bow Oklahoma and my land lord can not spend the money for a storm shelter and I was wondering if you could help with that? If a tornado came through here while we are in the house we would be dead! We live approximately 6 miles outside of town so when a storm comes in and it turns suddenly bad we have no where to go! I know my landlord would approve of us having a storm shelter… her brother lives right beside us in a small little trailer with no protection! I have told her if I had the money I would buy one but I don’t have the money! We have lived on her property for almost 5 years and don’t want to move! She has been good to our family and we enjoy living here… the only thing is every year I dread the tornadic weather we get! I always fear that a tornado will come ripping through here killing us! We desperately need a tornado shelter and if you are willing to help with that it just may save our lives one day! Thanks for taking the time to read my comment and I look forward to hearing back from you!

    Suzanne Jimenez

    • This can be a really tough dilemma for renters. Your landlord may be willing to apply for an available program – or may be willing to share the improvement cost with you. I suggest starting with your landlord – and call 211 so you can be aware of the programs available in your area!

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