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CCCSOK Is Impacting Lives

Check out the video below to see the impact we are having on people’s lives. Contact us to see how we can help you with your finances!   (Video by Cecilia Hernández-Cromwell Telemundo Oklahoma)

Are You Ready for Christmas? It’s Less Than 365 Days From Now!

Contributed by our own dynamite educator, Lee Ellingson of 1      Really – Must We Be Reminded? No matter what time of year you are reading this article, Christmas is getting nearer by the day.  Perhaps you haven’t recovered from the last one – you are not ready to even think about the next one. 

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The Financial Realities After Losing a Spouse: Preparing ahead of time can help with the process

By Melissa Geiser, Research Specialist Download this Financial Checklist. The death of a spouse is one of the most devastating events of a person’s life. Not only are you dealing with a crushing loss, there are financial tasks that need to be addressed right away. The stress can be particularly staggering if the surviving

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Finding Room in Your Budget for a Home

By Melissa Geiser, Research Specialist Buying a home is a goal that most people have for themselves but it can be a scary process that has the potential to cause more headaches than happiness. can help you understand the home buying process, develop a plan for your budget, and give you the tools

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The Money Talk with Your Parents: The Five Step Process

by Randy L. Thurman, CFP™, CPA/PFS, Board of Directors and Melissa Geiser, Research Specialist   More adult children are concerned about Mom and Dad and their financial status, and they should be. Our parents are living longer than ever so, before something like dementia or a stroke makes a conversation about money next

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Oklahoma Families are Still Facing Foreclosure

By Melissa Geiser, Research Specialist For many Oklahomans, the American dream is unraveling. Too many Americans are losing or voluntarily forfeiting their property. The national foreclosure rate now stands at 1.2% for all homes with a mortgage, and 3.3% of all mortgages are either delinquent or in foreclosure. One in every 1,725 homes in

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