Phone Payments Now Available!

We are now able to take payments over the phone.  Please call 405-789-2227 or 800-364-2227 to make a payment.  Soon we will be able to take payments by web as well.  We will send notification when the PayByWeb option is available again.  Thank you for your patience during this transition.

  • This payment service is only for Active DMP clients and cannot be used for your first DMP payment.
  • Funds are available for disbursement after 5 business days. (Remember, bank holidays do not count)
  • Example: If you initiate your payment on Friday. Funds will be available to disburse on the following Thursday.
  • Disbursements are every Thursday (with exceptions on holidays, check your statement for changes in the dates)
  • You need your DMP Client ID and your payment amount to initiate a payment.

Processing fee is based on deposit amount:

  • Payments between $0.00 – $500.00 Fee $3.00
  • Payments between $501.00 and $900.00 – Processing Fee $5.00
  • Payments $901 and up – Processing Fee $7.00