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Consumer Questions: Stuck on Student Loans

Mike W. Asks: “I am totally overwhelmed by my student loans. When I pulled my credit report there are 15 different loans and I have no idea where to start. I heard I can lower my payment, but I don’t know what to ask or who to call. I am also not sure which ones

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Parents – Some Options to Help Your Child Afford Higher Education

OK reports that 69 percent of Oklahomans report that they have not set aside money for children’s college education, compared to 63 percent nationally in 2013. The average income for a college graduate is $44,455 compared to around $25,000 for those who have only a high school diploma. While parents work hard to give

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How to Avoid Student Loan Delinquency

There are many reasons a person defaults on their student loan. Sometimes they may feel that the institution did not prepare them for the job field and doesn’t deserve to be repaid. Others may not be able to afford the payments and worry other bills will suffer. Whatever the reason, defaulting on student loans takes the borrower

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Student Loans: Taking on New Loans and Repaying What You Owe

Student loan dollar amounts are raising red flags and the alarm bells are ringing. Paying for an education is progressively more difficult, but accruing student loans is also an increasingly risky decision in part because of stagnant wages. There aren’t many clear-cut answers yet on how this complex crisis can be resolved, but here are

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Money Monday: Student Loan Debt – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports | Americans now owe over a trillion dollars in student loan debt Payback Options Call your lender Make payments on time Ask about repayment options Punishment for not paying Garnish Wages Suspend Professional Licenses Tax Returns Social Security Benefits