CCCS Education Options:

Now Enrolling! For those impacted by the May 2013 tornadoes, Fiscally Fit Bootcamp – Re$ilience in the Heartland. Call (405) 789-2227 for the latest course options. 

  • Classroom Options
    • Fiscally Fit Bootcamp: Drop and give me 12 – hours of fun and intensive financial literacy training! This 6 week course pumps you up with empowering information – and you can earn cash prizes by participating! Open Enrollment- Coming Soon!
    • Fiscally Fit Workshop: This “Mini Bootcamp” is a 5 hour workshop that meets over 2 weeks and is a great way to take control of your money and learn skills to meet your financial goals. Hear from knowledgeable and passionate instructors who are former clients of CCCS! $15 for individuals, $25 for couples. Call 405-789-2227 to enroll!
    • Custom Education for Your Organization or Business: Choose from our menu of education options to help improve the bottom line of your employees or organization members. It could be the best investment you make all year! CCCS Financial Literacy Classes 2013
  • Online Options:
    • Better Fortunes is a state of the art interactive online course that will help you get your finances on track. The cost is $25 which gives you a year of course access as well as a signed certificate of completion from CCCS of Central Oklahoma.
  • Study at Home:
    • Credit When Credit is Due is an informative and empowering self study course with 12 chapters along with tests! This course is excellent for teenagers beginning to build more responsibility or anyone who just wants to pump up their financial literacy. When you complete the course, statements will be added to your credit bureau reports indicating your investment in your financial literacy. Call 405-789-2227 to start today $40 – for the book and the course. Education made possible in part by funding from the following:

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