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Oklahoma Families are Still Facing Foreclosure

By Melissa Geiser, Research Specialist For many Oklahomans, the American dream is unraveling. Too many Americans are losing or voluntarily forfeiting their property. The national foreclosure rate now stands at 1.2% for all homes with a mortgage, and 3.3% of all mortgages are either delinquent or in foreclosure. One in every 1,725 homes in

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Credit Cards Can be Friend or Foe to College Students

NFCC Offers Tips for Those Entering World of Credit  Washington, DC – While parent’s mail boxes are filling with credit card bills from summer vacations and back-to-school shopping, their college-aged child is likely receiving offers for credit cards of their own. Due to the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 (CARD Act),

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Buying or Renting. Which Housing Option is Best For You? The answer may surprise you…

According to many, the American dream has always included owning your own home.  That dream turned into a nightmare for millions of Americans during the Great Recession, which started when the housing bubble burst at the end of 2007.  Families across the nation, and Oklahoma, were forced into renting when they lost jobs, income, and

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When Times Are Tough Beware of Scams Series – Part 1 publishes a series exposing the facts and fallacies of scammers and illegitimate business operations. Subscribe here for empowering information that will help keep you and those you love from becoming victims. In this series on our blog, we will cover the following scams: Mortgage and foreclosure prevention scams Debt Settlement scams Work from home

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When Can I Buy Again After Foreclosure?

We occasionally have questions from people in the community who are having housing issues, ask whether they will ever be able to buy a house again if their existing property is lost in foreclosure. Here is some information that I hope will help you answer their questions. Mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac make

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Outlining the Foreclosure Process in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a state where foreclosure is typically conducted through the court system.  That means Oklahoma is a “judicial state,” (as opposed to some states where no court proceedings are held.  Those states are considered “non-judicial” states). A judicial foreclosure requires the lender to first file and win a lawsuit. That gives the lender the

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Bank of America Holds Mortgage Advisory Event – CCCS Counselors On Hand to Help

Bank of America held an event in Oklahoma City to help their clients who are delinquent on their mortgages. Two of our counselors: Chris Poole and Tressa Brooker were on hand to help advise clients dealing with their delinquent mortgage. Tressa Brooker was interviewed by