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CCCSOK Is Impacting Lives

Check out the video below to see the impact we are having on people’s lives. Contact us to see how we can help you with your finances!   (Video by Cecilia Hernández-Cromwell Telemundo Oklahoma)

3 Ways to Pay Down Credit Card Debt Faster

For years we have been coached to pay more than the minimum on our credit card balances, yet sometimes it can be difficult to dedicate “extra” money to our credit card debt when other priorities are screaming for attention. The fact remains that if we pay only the minimum month after month, debt that we

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Handling Medical Debts and Credit Report Disputes to Become Easier on Consumers

Disputing errors on your credit report may become easier over the next several months. As a result of changes, the credit bureau reporting agencies will be making changes to how they handle the error dispute process and the way that they report medical debts on your credit report.     Here are the biggest changes:

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Scored Credit Report and Monitoring Service Available at No Cost has received access to several thousand guest memberships in Experian’s Through an initiative of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling ( known as Sharpen Your Financial Focus, consumers may register for one free year of service from Membership enables you to access your credit report and Experian credit score as well calculators

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De-Stressing the Holiday Season

Thank you to Chrystal Hedges from Devon Energy for suggesting we put this information together! There are many sources of stress this time of year. Here are a few: My expectations. Your expectations, Extended family’s expectations. What I think your expectations are. What I think their expectations are. Crowds. Traffic. Sugar crashes. Politics. and… Money.

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Free Downloadable Christmas Planning Tool from

  Stay on track and keep the stress at bay this year with a good list! There is no question that the holiday season is a time for unusual expenses – dinners, travel, gifts, and hot cocoa stops to name a few. has developed a handy downloadable and printable spreadsheet to help you get your

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How to Stop the Cycle of Financial Stress

Anywhere the eye can see, it likely also sees advertisement. Advertisements have been tasked with communicating the message of their brand – which is almost always “buy me.” A compelling message to purchase rarely communicates validation, encouragement, or approval, but most often uses methods to appeal to the parts of our minds that feel off-center,

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