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Since 1967, CCCS of Central Oklahoma has been a trusted resource for many national and local media outlets. When they need unbiased experts to weigh in on the critical financial issues affecting Oklahomans, they call CCCS of Central Oklahoma. Our experts have been featured on every television news station in Oklahoma City as well as in publications such as the Oklahoman, Tulsa World and Oklahoma Gazette. Nationally we have been featured in everything from AARP Magazine to USA Today and in numerous online publications such as MSN Money, CNN Money and Bloomberg. Check out our links and videos for past interviews.

Expense Tracking

Money Mondays on News 9 Create Categories for your spending Write Down what you spend in each Categories Review totals at the end of the month Download your “MoneyTrack” Worksheet              

Answering Your Money Questions – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports | Jennifer takes Questions from the News 9 Audience: Is it better to pay off one credit card or pay down several accounts? What to do with inheritance: Vacation or Debt Reduction? Surprise Answer!

Rate survey: Credit card interest rates dip slightly

Jennifer Wallis, vice president of  Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Oklahoma gives wise spending tips. This year’s higher rates make it more important than ever for new cardholders to shift their spending so that they can pay off their balances each month and avoid paying interest, says Jennifer Wallis, vice president of the

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Mortgages in AARP Magazine

Jennifer Wallis  (VP of CCCS of Central Oklahoma) gives “AARP The Magazine” some tips of weathering the housing crisis.

Teaching your kids about money

Teach good money concepts to prepare your kids for the real financial world. Stay Age Appropriate Stop the Begging Allow Mistakes Match Savings? Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

FICO Scores

How your FICO credit score is calculated: Types of credit used The fifth and final installment of a series examining what goes in to creating your FICO credit score — the three-digit number that helps determine how much you can borrow and on what terms. Each part of the series takes an in-depth look at

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